a tale of the internet and sensitive information

All the people using LastPass who might have not followed the company blog or Twitter should be aware that there has been a security incident at their data centers. Apparently they detected some suspicious activity within their network. They have written a blog post about what parts of their data has been compromised and what is […]

clGetContextInfo(&western_world) – a reality contained in the looking glass

This article finally leads back into the amazing world of techno related topics. I started thinking about contexts and how we only see the world through a looking glass a while back but until recently, when I started learning Japanese, I never attributed contexts much importance. I think it is important for everyone to keep in mind […]

want to be a better person? – get a baby!

I apologize in advance for this highly untechnical post but I just have to write about the experience I had because IMO it was highly funny. Yesterday I was walking around in the city to do some errands. I came to a crosswalk that just jumped to red on a very quiet street, so there […]