do not use bit torrent sync

– for sensible information or if you have something to hide from the bad guys aka surveillance state Some folks over at checked out bit torrent sync and analysed it. Since BTS is not open source this should be considered more like an unofficial audit. Imagine a bunch of guys coming together and trying to […]

everyone is a murderer and a rapist – the dark world of surveillance executives

If you followed the news lately you may have noticed that a number of higher up politicians and people in important surveillance positions have announced that they are concerned about our safety. With the big impact of Snowdens revelations people started to protect themselves with the help of crypto systems. According to officials like FBI […]

the not so well known, yet incredibly important person

I just read an article of Micah Lee who does very important work at the EFF and also helped Snowden to accomplish his goal. The article depicts the story of how Snowden contacted him and the other journalists, and what precautions they employed to ensure their safety. It is a very informative article and i […]

the humble architect

This week is not about the usual topic, but it is an important one nonetheless. A week ago i was sifting through the internet and found Kickstarter project with a promotion video that had background music that intrigued me. After some looking around i found the name of the song and its artist. With the […]


This week i will talk about a project i started and i will use that to promote open source software. I have a Synology NAS at home that acts as my data graveyard. You may have found it on the site under its name “Prometheus”. I love that machine because i can use it for […]

make love, not bruteforce – the importance of passwords

You just have to love the internet. Warkittehs, Youtube, background noise,  almost unlimited knowledge(makes Alexandria look like the local library) and of course getting hacked. I was just browsing the internet and procrastinating a little bit while my phone and mail program went nuts. A quick glance at the subject tells me “[deus ex machina] Too […]