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terakoya @ Tokyo Tech

19/04/2019 - Posted in education , knowledge , minimal security , privacy , security Posted by:

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less than a minute

This week I had the honor to present at a seminar held by professor Suzuki Sakie for her students of mathematics at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Although my research area is far from her’s (topology), she asked me to present at the seminar. Professor Suzuki called the seminar terakoya which refers to old Japanese temple schools. I introduced usable security and my research road-map very briefly. I finished the presentation with bicycle braking and how to properly use bicycle brakes. It turns out that the topic is more complex than one would think. Furthermore, it was an easy topic to finish and made the subsequent discussion a little more open and lively.

Due to time constraints I had to keep the presentation quite short. However, I gave many examples during the presentation and think as as primer it fit quite well. Therefore, the presentation is an extension of my minimal security series into the real world. In case someone is interested of how I think of usable security I uploaded the slides. The pictures are shamelessly taken from Google. I hope the material is useful to someone.

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