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Curve25519 and Mr. Black

14/12/2014 - Posted in cryptography , internet , standards Posted by:

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Good news for all of us, a Microsoft representative called Benjamin Black kind of accepted Curve25519. He postet on the mailing list of the Crypto Forum Research Group, where cryptographers are discussing new curves for elliptic curve cryptography(ECC), that he does not see a need to change their proposed curve but that he acknowledges the will of the co-chairs of the CFRG and that he will accept Curve25519. That means that the discussions for a new standard in ECC will be over soon and that they can send their suggestion to the Internet Engineering Task Force which will hopefully then declare the curve as standard. This means that it won’t be long until we have a new encryption technique that did not come from an organisation that is dependent on the US or any other institution that can not be fully trusted. It is an additional christmas present for those who are interested in crypto or security and of course for all the other people in the world who use computers and the internet.

Thank you santa, jesus and CFRG.

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