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HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

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After playing around with a VPS in Iceland and hosting a Tor relay there I decided two things. First a VPS is awesome and second, not every VPS is awesome. Furthermore after some thinking I came to the conclusion that running 2 VPS and paying for additional webspace at another hosting company is overkill. Therefore I decided to cancel the additional webspace and keep the less problematic of the two VPS. However there is one problem with migrating the webspace. Transferring an existing WordPress installation from A to B is not entirely easy without using tools like phpAdmin.

After some tinkering around and learning a lot about how the interwebz works I have successfully managed to transfer the WordPress database. From what I have seen there should not be any broken links – apart from prometheus – on the blog. If you do manage to find one please let me know so I can look into it. In retrospective I have to say that migrating WordPress is, if you are willing to read a little bit, surprisingly easy. I have more troubles finding my way around the vast space of apache2 configuration options. I will be adding SSL support in the near future. I am just waiting for the launch of Let’s Encrypt so I can check whether I should wait for the general availability or not.

Stay tuned for some more updates(I finally have more time and interesting stories to share) and don’t hesitate to tell me when I messed up the data migration.

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