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17/10/2014 - Posted in internet , music Posted by:

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less than a minute

This week is not about the usual topic, but it is an important one nonetheless. A week ago i was sifting through the internet and found Kickstarter project with a promotion video that had background music that intrigued me. After some looking around i found the name of the song and its artist. With the artists name i checked youtube and you guys know the rest.

I tried to get music on Beatport, Boomkat or any other website i know that sells lossless music – of course that was a futile effort. My fallback plan was to send the artist an email and ask where i could get divinity we call music. I had done this before but have been disappointed several times by the lack of response. I tried it anyway and became a reply almost immediately. That was one huge surprise. The response i got was even more surprising. A world class musician that was humbled by a simple request like mine.

End of line

End of story – he helped me out a lot and made me an early christmas. The artist i am writing about is called Tony Anderson and i encourage you to listen to his music. Find him on his website at and enjoy.

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