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DEFCON 22 – wait whut?

06/08/2014 - Posted in news Posted by:

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Some may know that the DEF CON is around the corner. This time of the year it is not about an alert state but rather about a hacker conference in the US.  Schedules have been online for quite a while now and there is a massive amount of talks you can and should watch. I checked the schedule and filtered through the talks to provide a smaller list of talks that should concern the everyday web user. I divided the talks into a few categories so you will know what to expect.

Many talks are about privacy and surveillance which is not surprising given that the shockwave Snowden caused is still around and wreaking havoc in the more caring layers of society. So thanks to Snowden and his great service to humankind we have tons of interesting talks to expect in the coming few days.

Privacy and Surveillance

  • How to get phone companies just to say no to wiretapping (description)
  • Detecting and defending against a surveillance state (description)
  • Am i being spied on? Low-tech ways of detecting high-tech surveillance (description)
  • Blinding the surveillance state (description)
  • Saving the internet (for the future) (description)

Pen testing

  • Anatomy of a pentest; poppin’ boxes like a pro (description)

More technical – more fun ;}

  • What watchers see: Eavesdropping on muncipal mesh cameras for giggle (or pure evil) (description)
  • Dark mail (description)
  • Checking your fingerprints: cloning the strong set (description)
  • Through the looking-glass, and what eve found there (description)
  • NSA playset: GSM sniffing (description)
  • Practical foxhunting 101 (description)
  • AF penetration testing, your air stinks (description)
  • One man shop: building an effective security program all by yourself (description)

For more info on the DEFCON, schedules and even more watchworthy talks visit their site. There you can also find the schedule when which talk is held in which track and what time it starts. To amp yourself up you should watch some videos from previous DEFCONs which can be found here. On this website you will probably find links to the official mirrors of the DEFCON 22 talks as soon as they are available.

So use your favorite search engine on Thursay 17:00 UTC to look for live feeds or be patient and download them as soon as they are available.

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