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MITM lawsuit against Snowden documentary

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It seems that Edward Snowden is too successful in evading prosecution by the US government. That’s why they decided to MITM him by suing the company and people behind the documentary “CITIZENFOUR”, a movie about him revealing the appalling truth about the US surveillance apparatus.

attention, tinfoil hats!

This is purely speculative and may sound like a conspiracy theory but to me it seems that Mr. Edwards – who is suing – is just a figurehead in this case. This case of law enforcement would be fun if it was not true. Apparently the accusation is that Laura Poitras, director of the documentary, and the company involved are making profits by using state secrets of the US. In addition Mr. Edwards seems to be upset by the actions of Snowden. He states that the actions of Edward Snowden are “dishonorable and indefensible and not the acts of a legitimate whistleblower”. At least to me the funny thing is that Snowden had a very good life with money, and a nice home and everything that most people aim for and he gave all that up because he felt the moral obligation to let the world now what unjust actions have been taken by the US.


If this lawsuit holds in court, then this will be another step further towards a dark future for the US. Snowden ruined his life to open eyes all over the world and it seems that people don’t want to see it. That they want to remain in their tiny bubble living a comfortable life. There are numerous people out there who try to warn the public about the implications of the actions of the NSA etc and it seems that nobody believes them. It feels like we have the same situation as Cassandra and her descendants. It certainly is a situation that causes me a lot of grief. People are trying to explain the dangers of a digital panopticon and nobody even wants to listen. People turn blind and deaf and only care about materialism, consumption and superficial stuff. It is like bread and games in the ancient Rome.

On Christmas eve the NSA released reports about over a decade of unlawful surveillance. Nobody will notice and nobody will care and sadly probably nobody will ever be held responsible for that, although it was unlawful. This is just another case of a bottomless abyss we stare into. This report and the lawsuit are all small steps towards a dystopia made real.

…and the bitter end

If this lawsuit passes and Poitras and the others are convicted and then still nobody cries out that this is a danger to the first amendment and that we need to defend it then i think we head into a very dark place, it will be only the first step into a world nobody really wants to live in. Spread the word, tell people about this act of deceitful “justice”.

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