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stoic practice

03/09/2020 - Posted in philosophy , private Posted by:

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Recently my patience has been quite low, and for some reason I have been short tempered. Really small things were able to throw me off balance. For example, when I had a video call with my brother and we were chatting about current issues in academia, I became quite heated when explaining something to him that I am opposed to. Not about anything he said, just about the subject matter of what I had said myself. However, there is no use in getting emotionally invested in something like that. It doesn’t do me any good and it does not do any good to the people around me.

stoicism is a path

So while I have read quite a few books about stoicism and I aim to live by that philosophy, I have found that I am not that well trained in it as I had thought. While I could choose the easy path and tell myself that I have also been lying about that to myself and then just accept that this is not who I am (and therefore be done with it), I think a better path is to accept my shortcomings, to understand that I am but a pupil of this life-long lesson. Stoicism, after all, is not a this perfect final state of unwavering tranquility, it much rather is a description of a path towards this state—always getting closer but never quite reaching it. And while choosing this way to deal with the issue is less convenient and more painful, it will in the end lead to a better, more tranquil life.

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