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prism break, your alternatives when you think there are none

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This week in a lecture at university we were talking about crypto tools and their advantages, disadvantages and of course about snake oil. Most of the stuff is already known to people who are privacy and or security conscious but there was something i did not know about and i think needs more promotion. It is a website called prism-break that wants to present users of different operating systems and applications with alternatives to closed source programs – which we know can not control nor check for backdoors. It is a very nice site that points people, that do not want to spend hours on research on what to trust, in the right direction. The information is presented in a very nice way, so everyone should be able to find alternatives to software he or she uses.

  • Looking for a new mail client? – check!
  • Looking for a new DNS Server? – check!
  • Looking for a instant messenger that is more privacy friendly? – double check!


They have a disclaimer on their website which is very important and you should read before feeling absolutely secure:

Disclaimer: Using the recommended projects on this site will not guarantee that 100% of your communications will be shielded against surveillance states. Please do your own research before trusting these projects with sensitive information.

One should note that being 100% secure and using a computer is not compatible. At least not at the current stage of political and technological developments. So if you want to be suuuuuuper secure be sure to throw out your electronics and get a tinfoil hat!

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