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there are no free lunches

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less than a minute

– or “smart means exploitable”

If you follow Mikko Hypponen you should know that he recently had an AMA* and a TEDx talk in Brussels. The TEDx talk has been published on Youtube and you should watch it. It is an appeal to everyone in the digitised world – everyone should show courage and conscience and fight for his/her rights. Fight does not necessarily mean it has to be violent. There are many forms of resistance – it is just important to show the governments and the companies that we people care what happens with us.

Another great thing Mikko pointed out is that the users alone should not be blamed, many people who use the internet lack the knowledge and the education of the implications of this technology. It is therefore important to talk to people, explain to them why there are two sides to the internet and technology in general and clarify why it is important to think about what happens to our data.

Enough talk….now more talk:

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