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upribox – the all-in-one easy to use privacy box for your home

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Markus Huber, lecturer at FH St. Poelten and Researcher at SBA-Research, started a project to come up with an easy to use box to enhance privacy for everyone. This project is still in an early phase but it is a nice initiative you should look out for. It will be easy to use and easy to maintain but most of of all it will be free. Unfortunately the website and the teaser are in German, the concept can be easily explained though. If you watch the video some of the images might be self explanatory even if you don’t understand the spoken content.


The idea behind the thing is that you just plug the box into your existing router. It then automagically creates a WIFI and a VPN server. The interesting thing is that the system in the box does what you know from Ghostery, Disconnect et alia. It simply blocks many scripts and trackers used on websites that track your online behaviour. The VPN ensures that you can use the service even when you are not at home, it further has a ninja-mode when you want to hide your current location. It is an interesting project that is still in its infancy. The fact that you only need the preconfigured Linux and a Raspberry Pie makes it a very trustworthy and most of all cheap solution to counter the rising trend in user tracking.

So stay tuned!


Website of the project

Website of Markus Huber

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