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expensive rut

14/04/2019 - Posted in philosophy , private Posted by:

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We are all made in a way that we get used to the status-quo. In our life we always get used to things. It can be our living situation, our partners, or mundane things as the construction site next to our house. I believe that, while being an important ability of our psyche, it is also dangerous. When we get used to things and accept the current way of life we stop growing. This can even become an expensive rut!

Recently, while I moved this blog to a new web server I also had the epiphany that the status-quo can also cost us money. I hosted this blog on a server at a company that was just starting out. In a way it was nice, because the service was hosted in a location that I thought would be good for privacy and the service was fairly cheap. However, the world evolved and price / performance ratios with it. I noticed that other providers were a lot cheaper while offering a lot more for the money. Nonetheless, I was pushing it off for at least one and a half years because in my mind the task was tedious, annoying and took too much of my time.

mental barriers

Now that I migrated all my services to a new home I noticed that the task itself was actually fun and I learned a lot about server administration. Now that I had time to reflect on it I noticed that me being used to a certain situation not only prevented me from growing, but also cost me a lot of money. I had created a mental barrier. Sometimes we have to break through this barrier because behind it is not only a better self, but also joy. I reflected on it and noticed that often the problems we have are only in our head. Once we set out to do a task the work can become fun and over a time, cost us money.

I encourage everyone to reevaluate their believes and situations on a regular basis and change their state of being if necessary. It may not only lead to personal growth but also improve your financial situation – and who does not like that?

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