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improve your health by fighting climate change

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Congratulations humanity! You are successfully killing yourself! I read on TechCrunch the other day that the CO2 concentration in our atmosphere has climbed to over 415 PPM for the first time in human history. If you look at the graphs on the website it is difficult to dismiss this as not a big deal. If someone out there is still denying climate change after looking at the graphs and taking a note of the timeline at the bottom telling you when this all happens, then I guess this person might deny any truth in their mind. Nonetheless, there is a solution. Incredibly enough this solution not only saves the planet but it also improves your health. As a side effect it will make you more pretty and save even money down the road.

the data

I recently analysed my health data that my trusty Oura ring is collecting. I noticed that my vitals seem to be quite good recently so I dug a little deeper.

Graph of my current resting heart rate.
My recent resting heart rate. We all know that a lower resting HR is attributed with general fitness.

In the graph you can see a dotted line that is at 52 beats per minute. Turns out that is my normal average that was calculated over the time I had the ring. I noticed that I am way below my average and I wanted to find out why. So I checked when it dropped.

Resting heart rate before my commuting change.
My heart rate started to decline around March 30 2019.

That seems odd. What happened here? I started to think and noticed that this is about the time when I moved and I started my new commute which is around 12km. My previous commute was probably 1 km at most, so I figured that the change is due to my increased sports activity.

Weekly resting heart rate
This graph shows the weekly heart rate.

The image above shows that when I started (around week 12-13) to exercise more my resting heart rate also steadily declined. But let’s look at more metrics!

Weekly heart rate variability
My weekly heart rate variability. Higher HRV is a sign of a healthy body and therefore good!

Awesome isn’t it!? The last major bump might be because I have started meditating again. However, it is too early to tell. Being forced into an inconvenient situation with a longer commute improved my life. In case you were wondering, I did not become more fit by taking the train or a car, I have been cycling the 12km. Cycling every day improved my life on many levels. I have more fitness, I reduce pollution and therefore contribute a little to fight climate change and I feel like I generally make the streets more nicer. Bicycles on the streets are not only more environmentally friendly but they also reduce noise and make streets more safe and livable.

the conclusion

Now comes the kicker though! I keep track of all my expenses and by commuting with my bicycle I have saved more than 300 euros so far. Adding the savings of not needing a gym membership on top of that increases that number even further. I encourage everyone to make the world a better place by moving around by bicycles instead of cars. You will live longer, feel better and have more money! On top of that you can take part in saving the planet!

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