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I have not written a blog post in a long time. I have been immersed with work, friends, change and life in general. The good thing is that this has always been an experiment without a clear goal and therefore the journey is what is interesting. However, lately I felt that I should write again for several reasons. One is, why have a blog in the first place when nothing is going on. No one needs another dead website on the internet anyway. Another is that my mind seems to be in a state of storm and by externalizing my thoughts I hope that I can find the clarity that I have been looking for recently. 

If someone is wondering, the things that cause these storms are decisions such as whether I should leave my home country to do a PhD in a completely new environment, if I should even pursue a PhD or if I could contribute to the world in a better, more effective way, how I can combine my passion for privacy, knowledge, personal growth, tea and minimalism into something that might contribute to society in way that people can enjoy and that improves their lives. Furthermore, I struggle with the philosophy of minimalism from time to time and while I know this is only natural it is something at contributes to this storm. Maybe I will write about this personal struggle with life goals, minimalism and philosophy in the future – but then who needs another blog about that?

If someone is even reading this and maybe had similar troubles I would be happy to read about it in the comments. *youtube style* 

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