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SEO—the bane of my blogging

19/10/2020 - Posted in private , Software Posted by:

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On this blog I am using the YOAST SEO plugin that tells me how I should optimize my content so other people will find it. However, I noticed an unwelcome side effect on myself emanating from SEO and readability analysis the plugin provides. First, the readability measures seem to assume that the readers—if there are any—are somewhat stupid. Sentences with more than twenty words are penalized. The ease of reading measure also seems to revolve around readers that can barely read better than a middle school pupil.

On top of that, the SEO panel urges me to put the “focus keyphrase” of my article in the first paragraph a few times. This seems oddly repetitive to me; but then, repetitions is what machines do best. I have to find a fitting URL, optimize the SEO title, add a slug, provide a meta description, and make sure there are inbound and outbound links, etc, etc the list goes on. This overly zealous plugin only keeps showing me the inadequacies of my writing and ultimately myself. I should probably just ignore it or uninstall it—but I can’t because I am a deeply flawed and insecure human. I am thinking about switching from WordPress to Ghost as a blogging platform. Then Yoast will be gone and I hope to be able to rekindle my passion to write a blog through the simplicity of the Ghost platform. Currently, I am beta testing the system and we’ll see. One day when you come to my blog and its style has changed, the Ghost has haunted the WordPress away. As I am about to publish this, two red colored and sad looking smileys look at me telling me that the writing and SEO “needs improvement”. What a motivating end to writing a new article.

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