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I have a new bicycle. My previous was stolen and I doubt the thief will have any fun with it. Its lifespan was long overreached and in order to get it back on its feet, you would have to invest a considerable amount of money. Nonetheless I am sad – it was a nice bike after all and it served me well for many years. With some time invested, I would have been able to fix it. My new bike is a folding bike by Tern and my plan is to take it with me on all the trips I will take. I just cycled through Tokyo for 15 Minutes to give it a spin and I noticed how restricted I was without a bike. As soon as I was on it and got comfortable with its considerably smaller size my mind went off on its own.


I did not notice how constrained my world was without a bicycle. Of course you can go anywhere by train in Tokyo, but still, it is different when you are on a bike. You experience your surroundings a lot deeper. I also did not notice how much this logistical constraint restrained my mind. Being able to explore new areas and just experiencing the blind spots in my mental map of reality, cleared my head. I knew that I need to change something in my life. I am not happy with my performance at work and my personal life. I am torn between too many things. At work that means that I can not focus well on a particular area I want to research and then stick with it until something interesting comes out of it.
In my personal life I feel like I have neglected the people I should care about the most and I have given to much of my lifetime to people who are not in congruence with my goals. I do not mean this in any negative or manipulative way. I highly respect different opinions and I value insights that contradict mine in order to grow personally, but some ways to think about life should be in line with your own. I need to minimize my time expenditure and focus!


Everyone I have talked to who I respect deeply and who is considered to be successful not in material sense but a life fulfillment sense, has told me the same thing. They found something they deeply care about and they spend incredible amounts of energy on the subject. If they keep focused long enough they reap the fruits of their effort. They are rewarded not merely by professional success but also by personal satisfaction. Their secret? They do not take their eyes off their goal. That’s also how they stay motivated over long periods of time.
Another interesting thing I was able to experience in the recent past is that people need to find their own solutions to difficult circumstances. Working for a company in country A while doing a PhD in country B and staying with your partner in country C is an absolutely viable solution if you make it one. We need to be the clay to adapt to our surroundings while filling all the necessary cracks in life to live a fulfilled life. That’s my goal, that’s what I need to focus on and that’s what I am doing from now on. No useless wasting time on things that do not contribute to my overall goals and no feeding of destructive relationships that soak up all the time. I guess negative elements in our lives are like a black hole that tries to suck us in, while at the same time you actively have to expend energy in order to come closer to the pole of success which seems to be charged in a way that makes you be repulsed by it.

So lets focus, enjoy our freedom and keep our eyes on our goals!

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