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travel sleeve for travel keebs

05/05/2019 - Posted in hardware , private , random Posted by:

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less than a minute

Over the past few weeks my GK64 keyboard post has become one of the most popular on my site. Because you gotta ride the wave of fame and because I have an update I decided to write a quick post.

The goal with the GK64 was to have a keyboard in a smaller form-factor that still has dedicated arrow keys because I like them and I do not want to go through getting used to a layering system. I just need the arrow keys way too often. Because the keyboard is intended for travel I also needed a case or a sleeve that protects the keeb while my suitcase or backpack is being handled rough on airports and planes. Through the mechanical keyboard Reddit I found a group buy for custom made keyboard sleeves and I decided I give it a shot.

Without any further delay, here are some pictures!

Keyboard and Sleeve…
…different angle…
…sleeve other side…
…sleeve opening….
…keyboard on top of sleeve

So far I travelled to around Austria and Japan with it and it worked awesome! I can highly recommend the group buy and the user /u/Pitrek7!

EDIT 08-05-2019: Changed the gallery to single photos. Something seems borked with the gallery and my theme.

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