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the edge of perception

09/11/2015 - Posted in knowledge , philosophy , random Posted by:

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This post will be a rather philosophical one as I am a person that is thinking a lot. It is like a sickness that I have to think about everything. Ignorance is bliss I suppose. I want to talk about the limits of our world. I want to talk about the invisible borders of our life, our thinking and our perception. The reason I started thinking about this today, was when I was looking for beard healthcare grooming supplies which are surprisingly hard to find in Japan – well it is to be expected given that virtually nobody has a beard or enough beard growth to grow one. I was listening to music on my headphones while walking in the streets and I noticed many new facets of the music I have been listening to the past 5 years. I did buy myself a new gadget that aims to deliver a whole new experience. Overwhelmed by the newly discovered sonic soundstage I thought how I have been listening to the same song for the past number of years and never noticed certain things. I think this sensation can be translated to every aspect in the world. Things you do not know do not exist within your perceived part of the world. We are limited by the capacity of our senses and our brains. There is an infinite number of sensations, feelings, facts, people, realities, etc out there that we do not experience and that we probably will never have the time to.

our reality space

To me it is astounding how much we actually miss out on. Even minor things like a triangle strike at the same time of a base synth is hidden from us if we do not have the equipment nor the skill to listen to music in all its detail. This was a very profound realisation to me as I think this happens all the time everywhere around us. Even things we have been immersed in for countless times still may have hidden features that are yet to be uncovered. I think this is at the same time fascinating and frightening. Knowing this and keeping it in mind opens a whole new world for you even for things you take for granted or think are boring. On the other hand if you are a curious person like me it leads you to the conclusion that you can never fully understand everything. It is impossible to grasp the vastness of our reality and when you think of it like a two or three dimensional space it shrinks down the amount of space, you will be able to get to know in your lifetime, even further. It also means that we miss out on a lot of things because a single person does not have the time to explore that imaginary reality space. I think that is another reason on why we should meet new people and why it is important to talk with others. It is like crowdsourcing the exploration of the reality space. Translated to a less weird abstract imaginary picture this means that you will expand your horizon.

the lesson

I think this is a very powerful thought and we should keep in mind that we only know a fraction of what there is to know. So we should be cautious about assumptions and being too sure of ourselves – we have not seen the whole picture yet. Or maybe this is all bullshit and it does not matter anyway…I have no idea. I was just thinking about it while walking around the streets of Shinjuku looking for some beard grooming care whatever products(that i could not find). Thank you for bearing with me and hopefully reading through this mess of a digital reproduction of my thoughts. If you are not a bot, webspider or what else is on my blog please let me know what you think.

I actually wanted to write about my new gadget which btw is an Astell&Kern AK100II – but who gives a damn about that. Awesome thing though and a loooooot cheaper in Japan than in Austria. My newest baby…it takes some getting used to to all the detail within the music and it sounds somewhat…alien… at first but after hours of listening I *love* it and also use it as external DAC for my laptop. Suck that Apple for building cheap DAC stuff into your expensive machines.

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