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the passing of time

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It has been a while since i have been posting. Looooooads of things happened in the security world. There were sad stories, funny stories and even hilarious stories(Obama and the China backdoors?! chichi). There were a few reasons why i stopped posting. University kinda kept me busy so i had little time, in addition i have been doing some side projects that kept taking away time and i begun working at a new exciting place where we do magic and all sorts of things.

I will not go into details on what happened in security because most news websites should have coverd that anyway and i suppose that you guys kept uptodate yourselves. I will however give you two updates(and shameless self advertisement) on two projects i have been working on.


My private pet project that is somewhat slowly progressing because Synology does write/use terrible Javascript code and therefore it has been a hassle on finding what is doing what. So “reverse engineering” is a pain but i recently made myself familiar with the developer tools of Google Chrome – awesome tools i have to admit. I still dislike the browser because of the obvious privacy issues but for pure debugging stuff it is great. Just do not use it for browsing. The project i am talking about is of course my homegrown SynologyAPI. It still lacks the features to encrypt the transmission of username and password if you do not use HTTPS for your connection but that is an issue i am currently working on so stay tuned. The second change i made is that i switched the project from XCode(backdoor anyone?) to CMake because i also switched from Apples IDE to CLion by Jetbrains. I still need to dig further into CMake since not everything is working as i intend it to but that will only be a matter of time.



The second and probably more interesting project i work on is P3F. It is called Picture Privacy Policy Framework which i joined as developer for my current work. It is a framework that allows you to encode your privacy preferences to your clothing without using weird unstylish QR-tags or whatnot but instead directly into your cloth pattern and then blurs, blacks out, etc your face in the image according to your preferences. It is written in Matlab and therefore terribly slow and still has some issues but we are making progress – pattern recognition and machine vision is not an easy task. It is still in beta, there is still dead code in it but it does work. The proof of concept is there. We have some more features planned so stay tuned as this will turn out to be *the* most awesome world changing reality shifting thing in the world.


Oh and by the way thx for all the spam that is really annoying. I had to stop going through all the comments by hand and let a machine take over since i cannot keep up with you bastards!

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