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do not use bit torrent sync

17/11/2014 - Posted in internet , security Posted by:

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less than a minute

– for sensible information or if you have something to hide from the bad guys aka surveillance state

Some folks over at checked out bit torrent sync and analysed it. Since BTS is not open source this should be considered more like an unofficial audit. Imagine a bunch of guys coming together and trying to break stuff for fun. That is basically what they did. However if you are interested in uber technical details you will love their short descriptions of security flaws. If you rather care about the superficial verdict you will be happy that at the bottom of the post you can find a summary section.

Basically the important message to take from this post is – do not use BTS for extremely sensitive data. If you are a target of some well equipped organisation you would want to use something else anyway.

For the full report just visit this link.

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