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minimal security

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less than a minute

This is going to be my first attempt at writing consequently and with intent. Up until now, my blog and my posts have been a collection of thoughts, impressions and unstructured information. I have been toying with the idea of putting more effort into my writing and my blog. I decided to make a public commitment to write on a regular basis and this post can be considered as such.

To be able to produce interesting and, most of all, useful content I decided to marry two of my greatest interests — minimalism and security (as well as privacy). Therefore, I will start a new series called “minimal security” that tries to give usable and easy to understand advice to people. The advice is to be actionable and minimal. Working as a researcher in this field I know that there is a lot of advice out there. However, I also know that people do not follow the advice. The problem seems to be the connection of scientific findings with real world application and the general people. That is why the posts will be short and easy to follow advice. 

I have not decided on how often I want to publish but I may do that in the near future to enforce this public commitment. 

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